Traffic cones

traffic conestraffic cones



 The plastic traffic cones used for temporary traffic diversion of vehicles especially in cases that there are road works in progress or car accidents. The bright red color in combination with special reflective surfaces make them visible from distance day and night.

 Depending on traffic conditions are available in many different sizes and in any case they have heavy rubber base which increases stability. The special plastic from which they are made ​​allows them to return to their original form after minor-impact with passing vehicles and also gives them the ability to withstand through extreme weather conditions and time.

 Plastic cones are easily transported without occupying a large volume because they can be placed one over the other without being stuck between them.

 Traffic cones are also called traffic pylons, road cones, highway cones, safety cones, construction cones or (colloquially) witches' hats or safety wizards.

cone 50cm cone 75 cone 100cm


  • Traffic cones are used for traffic management and anywhere that experiences a heavy influx of motorists to prevent accidents and confusion from occurring.
  • They are cone-shaped markers that are placed on roads or footpaths to temporarily redirect traffic in a safe manner.
  • Cones are also frequently used in indoor public spaces to highlight areas, which are closed to pedestrians, such as a restroom being out of order, or to denote a dangerous condition, such as a slippery floor.
  • They can be used as a temporary device in many applications like freeways, toll-ways, city streets and rail-highway at-grade crossings.
  • They can be used on school playgrounds to limit areas of a playing field.
  • As high-visibility barriers, they can direct and divert traffic. Traffic cones are excellent for night-time use or low-light situations thanks to their reflective sleeve, which increase visibility.
  • Ideal temporary solution for dangerous curves, traffic regulation, highway railroad intersections, traffic circles, parking lots and drive through.
  • For outdoor applications such as free-way line painting.
  • It is preferred when a lane closure must also be a physical barrier against cars accidentally crossing it.
  • They are often used to create separation or merge lanes during road construction projects or automobile accidents.
  • Traffic cones are typically used outdoors during road work or other situations requiring traffic redirection or advance warning of hazards or dangers, or the prevention of traffic.
  • Traffic cones are also used to block off an area, e.g. for festivals, concerts, demonstrations and other events.
  • Traffic cones do not scratch vehicle surface, so they are safe for traffic separation for cars, bikes and pedestrians.
  • They can be used as pedestrian barricades for controlling access, for pedestrian separation. They can protect the path of pedestrians moving to or from parked vehicles.
  • Perfect as temporary protective device for work zones, sidewalks, playgrounds, loading zones, school parking lots and crossings, hospitals, airports, rental facilities, and public or private parking lots.



  • More economical solution than all competitive products.
  • Nothing gets people's attention like traffic cones. Maximum 360-degree visibility, even at night, thanks to their reflective sleeves.
  • They have superior flexibility in heat and cold yet rugged durability.
  • Long lasting reflective sleeves assures high visibility with ultimate conversion of light and ultraviolet stabilized color provides maximum resistance to fading.
  • The high-density recycled rubber base creates low center of gravity for wind resistance and maximum stability.
  • Slogan or company logo can be printed on cone body or sleeve.
  • Traffic cones are designed to be distinctive and easily movable.
  • Black base traffic cones look clean despite heavy use and tar stains.
  • There are two options: single inseparable pieces or popular two-part designs.
  • In two-part option a unique interlocking design secures red cone body to black rubber base, while cone body and base don’t stick together!
  • There are four size options in order to cover different needs.
  • More forgiving to vehicles and safer than any concrete, steel or wood post without any protruding metal parts.
  • Easy maintenance: not rusts, not chips, not crumbles, not corrodes, not needs repainting



conos de tráfico


conos de tráfico


conos de tráfico


conos de tráfico

Body colour Red Red Red Red
Base colour Black Black Black Black
Reflective sleeve Yes Yes Yes Yes
Body made from Soft PVC Soft PVC PE PE
Base made from Rubber Rubber Rubber Rubber
Distinct parts 1 1 2 2
Height 1’ / 30cm 1.5’ / 45cm 1.6’ / 50cm 2.5’ / 75cm
Base dimensions 8.5'' x 8.5’’


10.5'' x 10.5’’


12'' x 12’’


15'' x 15’’


Weight 2.4 lbs / 1.1kg 3.1 lbs / 1.4kg 4.6 lbs / 2.1kg 6.2 lbs /  2.8kg