Wheel chocks

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  • This reinforced rubber wheel chock is designed for heavy-duty use and it is the best solution to keep your vehicle or trailer secure in any surface and weather. It is constructed of durable, solid, oil resistant rubber that provides excellent grip on the ground and prevents rotation of the tires.
  • The specially designed curved shape of the wheel chock allows the vehicle's tire to fit perfectly on the wedge and improves grip. ·The wheel choke is equipped a built-in rubber handle for easy and safe positioning, removal and transportation.
  • Wheel chock is also a must for any warehouse loading dock. Saves lives in the event a driver try to move a truck while loading or unloading. Every wheel block has 3 reflective yellow stripes to ensure high visibility even in low light conditions.
  • It is suitable for use in almost all vehicles indoors and outdoors. Dimensions of each wheel chock is 10.0" L x 6.3" W x 7.3" H and weight is 6.8 pounds per unit.
  • Tire chocks are environment friendly, made of 100% recycled tires. It is also possible to smell like rubber when they're brand new and used indoors. The odor reaches an acceptable level after a few days, depending on weather and ventilation conditions.