Wheel stops

Wheel stopsWheel stopper

Wheel stops

Wheel stopsWheel stops

 Wheel stops are the most popular solution to many of the common problems faced by drivers trying to park quickly and accurately to the relatively limited areas of home garages and professional parking lots.

 With their use cars park with safety once their wheels block before hit the walls of the parking lot or other parked cars and avoid damage from these minor-impact.

 They are made ​​from recycled tires cast in solid pieces that have great impact resistance without hurting the tires of vehicles and are usually placed in outdoor or covered parking lots, home garages and warehouses loading areas.

 The long service life regardless of the weather makes them suitable for indoor and outdoor facilities and their fixing to the ground is very simple with plugs. At the same time they have very economical transport, storage and installation even from only one person because of their low weight.

wheel stop car block wheel block

long parking block

 Depending on parking requirements and traffic conditions are available in many different sizes and colours.

 The long parking stops block both wheels while the short stop only one car wheel and usually are installed in pairs.


  • Ideal for retail, commercial, business garages, wheel stop provides needed order by delineating parking spots and ensuring proper distancing.
  • As parking block ensures vehicles stop at the proper location in public or private parking lots.
  • As car stop protects the path of pedestrians moving to or from parked vehicles
  • As bumper cushion controls the kerb overhang where inconvenient or hazardous to pedestrians.
  • As effective curbing to create traffic circles, curb extensions, etc
  • Inhibits car contact with an end barrier or high kerb
  • Protects physical assets preventing vehicles from coming into contact with them.
  • Can be used where goods are stored near pedestrian zones to prevent encroachment by forklifts and other vehicles


  • More economical solution than all competitive products
  • Maximum visibility, even at night, thanks to its reflective tapes
  • It can secured either into asphalt or into concrete
  • Simple to install: not requires skilled labor to install
  • Sturdier and more forgiving to vehicles than any concrete or wood stop.
  • Stands to impacts and not breaks thanks to its flexible rubber material
  • Environment friendly – made from 100% recycled rubber
  • Resistant to extreme temperature variations, UV light, oil and moisture
  • Easy maintenance: not rusts, not chips, not cracks, not crumbles, not corrodes, not needs repainting
  • Temporary or permanent installation
  • Having low profile, it will not damage low front-end vehicles