Bike racks

Floor mounted bike racks made from hot-dip galvanized steel that is resistant to rust. Great solution for secure storage of your bike at home, school or office. Bike racks allow tire width of up to 50mm. The installation is very easy with the plugless concrete screws that contains the package. (Pre-drilled mounting holes)
Mount it to the wall or floor in the garage or basement and it is ready to use.
Floor Mounted Bike Rack stands are ideal for storing bikes securely in sheds, garages, stores and garden to protect them form scratches or damages, as well as making the parking well-ordered.
bike rackbike rack


  • Stores that have bike parking can attract more customers. As the bicycle commuting and tourism are on the rise globally, having a bike rack in front of a store will entice more customers.
  • Bicycle racks can be placed outside shops, schools, hospitals, companies, public transport stations.
  • Bicycle racks can be placed in private garages.
  • Bikers can lock their bikes in the bike racks.
  • Bicycle racks can be placed in series to cover any parking spaces required.


  • More economical solution than all competitive products.
  • Cyclists prefer stores and businesses that provide safe places for their bikes.
  • Consumers prefer green and environmentally brands that are bike-friendly.
  • Bicycle infrastructures are important as cities world wide are encouraging alternative forms of transportation.
  • Steel Bike racks are made of galvanised steel, which is strong and resistant against rust.
  • Simple to install: not requires skilled labor to install. It can be simply bolted to surface using predrilled holes.
  • It can be secured either into asphalt or into concrete.
  • Resistant to extreme temperature variations, UV light, oil and moisture.
  • Easy maintenance: not rusts, not chips, not cracks, not crumbles, not corrodes.

Bike racks for UK market