Parking barriers

Parking barriersParking barriers

Parking barriersParking barriersParking barriers

Parking barriersParking barriers

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  • Fold-down barriers are mainly used to control vehicle access and parking.
  • They protect private space from illegal vehicle entry and parking.
  • Parking barriers prevent car theft when the car is parked.
  • They prevent parking in front of doors leading to merchandise loading zones. At the same time they protect your building from attempted break-ins by running the door down.
  • They are ideal solution for large parking areas (in offices, companies, department stores, etc.) where availability of parking spaces is essential for use by regular customers or executives.
  • Municipal authorities can turn certain areas into pedestrian zones by allowing vehicle transportation periodically at specific times for shop catering exclusively.
  • Car dealers and car exhibition areas can use the barriers to protect not only parking spaces but also the cars parked in them.
  • The potential applications of parking barriers are numerous: Loading zones, Industry, Parking areas, Public spaces, Private parking lots


  • The simplest and more economical way to ensure that your private parking space outside your house or shop will always be available.
  • Manufactured by bended galvanized steel
  • They are available in 2-leg versions for parking in limited spaces and 3-leg versions for heavy use
  • When folded down, the barrier's height is insignificant (less than 6 cm) allowing thus free passage even to the lowest of vehicles.
  • Strong folding feet with rounded edges and predrilled installation points ensure functionality and quick installation.
  • Products along with all installation materials (plugs and screws) and instruction manuals are included in a level cardboard box, 60 cm x 80 cm x 5 cm.
  • Special upgrading kits can easily transform any 2-leg barrier to a 3-leg barrier, to cover changing future needs.
  • Self-adhesive red reflective films attached to all fold-down barriers render them distinct even at a distance.
  • When a car needs to be moved, barriers can be easily unlocked and rotated in a horizontal position allowing passage and facilitating entry and exit.
  • Screw covers to obstruct theft of the standing barrier.