Speed humps

speed humps speed humps

speed humps

Speed bumbs

 Speed bumps are made of solid recycled rubber and they are the most common solution to reduce the speed of cars in residential areas and pedestrian crossings. There are painted in yellow and black and are also available with special reflectors to attract the attention of drivers at night.

 They are available in a variety of sizes to meet the different needs of traffic on roads with varying speed of vehicles.

 Their fixing is simply in pre-drilled locations of the speed bumps the specially designed end-pieces placed at the edges protect pedestrians from accidents and tires of vehicles from damage.

  A speed bump is also known as sleeping policeman, kipping cop, slow child, speed hump, road hump, speed breaker, judder bar, ramp, road cushion, speed cushion or road saddle.

speed hump speed hump

speed hump


  • The speed bump is used as a speed-reducing feature of road design to slow traffic or reduce through traffic, via vertical deflection.
  • It is the most common feature where vehicle speeds are statutorily mandated to be low reducing the risks at crossings.
  • It controls car speed maintaining a continuous traffic flow in public roads.
  • It It tackles efficiently the risks of high speed in residential areas.
  • As car decelerator protects the path of pedestrians moving to or from parked vehicles in parking lots.
  • Ideal for school parking lots and crossings, playground areas, hospitals, public or private parking lots.


  • Unique long lasting, cost-efficient modular product.
  • Maximum visibility, even at night, thanks to its reflective tapes and/or 'Cat-Eye' Reflectors.
  • Available end-caps finish off the ends of the speed bump for a smooth complete look.
  • It can secured either into asphalt or into concrete.
  • Tough enough for heavy traffic thanks to its high durability.
  • Simple to install: not requires skilled labor to install.
  • Significantly minimize the number of hours that need to be invested to install because rubber is lighter and easier to work with than asphalt and concrete.
  • Sturdier and more forgiving to vehicles than any concrete or asphalt bump.
  • Having a uniform, consistent profile, they are performed a smooth, safe ride.
  • Stands to impacts and not breaks thanks to its flexible rubber material.
  • Environment friendly – made of 100% recycled rubber.
  • Resistant to extreme temperature variations, UV light, oil and moisture.
  • Easy maintenance: not rusts, not chips, not cracks, not crumbles, not corrodes, not needs repainting.
  • Temporary or permanent installation. The products can be stored during the winter to prevent snow plow damage or where the authorities want to institute temporary measures to test an area.
  • Rubber as a base material helps it in making better grip on the road.
  • It is not getting flattened or worn away by vehicle tyres and atmospheric conditions.
  • It allows traffic to flow immediately after installation is complete.
  • Maintenance-free since they never need painting.
  • Tax Deductible in many countries and states.
  • It provides Insurance Benefits in many cases.