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 The channel protectors are made from solid pieces of recycled rubber painted in bright colors to ensure that they are easily visible to pedestrians and vehicles.

 Their main purpose is to protect conductors in permanent or temporary structures without  prevent circulation of vehicles over them.

 Offered in two versions depending on the number of conductors should protect. The channel protectors are fitted and removed very easily thanks to the integrated lid with hinges.
 Installation and removal is very easy because of convenient shape and low weight.

Duct protectors


  • The Duct Protector is the fast and easy way to guard and protect valuable ducts and hose lines from damage and abuse while providing a method of safe crossing for constant vehicle and pedestrian traffic.
  • The Duct Protector provides a safe and easy crossing for vehicle and pedestrian traffic and is the perfect solution for temporary events such as fairs, conventions, sporting events, carnivals and trade shows.
  • It makes safe the paths of pedestrians and allow effortless crossing in walkways, amusement parks, entertainment venues, trade fairs, marketplaces, Christmas markets, workshops, shopping centers and department stores when ducts or hoses are crossing or are close to the paths.
  • Other applications include use in industry, construction companies, warehouses, construction services, municipal services and rescue services.
  • The best choice for temporary use in schools, playground areas, hospitals, public or private parking lots.
  • The duct crossover meets the most demanding requirements and can be found at almost every large event.
  • It is also used for stage, studio, and broadcast applications.


  • Unique long lasting, cost-efficient modular product.
  • Hinged lid makes placing and removing cables and hose lines easy. The lid can be opened by pulling it upward, before or after installation. It snaps into the end position automatically and stay open until you close it again making it easier to run your cables.
  • Each duct crossover has heavy-duty Dog-Bone connectors that interlock modular sections and enable you to connect cable crossovers in the same series endlessly with one another.
  • Universal safety colors for high visibility.
  • Black base, made from 100% recycled rubber, ensures maximum traction on concrete or asphalt surfaces.
  • Yellow lid, made from UV-stabilized polyurethane elastomer, has anti-slip surface.
  • Safety warning symbols molded into lid surface warn pedestrians.
  • Light, professional, wheelchair accessible and universally applicable.
  • The protectors are stable enough to be walked on or driven over without any additional precautions.
  • Tough enough for frequent pedestrian or light vehicle traffic thanks to its high durability.
  • Each duct/hose line is separated and organized in its own protective channel to ensure safety.
  • Lightweight and easy to transport, setup, disassemble and store.
  • Simple to install: Does not require skilled labor to install.
  • Resistant to extreme temperature variations, UV light, oil and moisture.
  • Easy maintenance: not rusts, not chips, not cracks, not crumbles, not corrodes, not needs repainting.
  • Rubber as a base material helps it in making better grip on the road.
  • It allows traffic to flow regularly after installation is complete.
  • Tax Deductible in many countries and states.
  • It provides Insurance Benefits in many cases.
  • It is not worn away by vehicle tyres and atmospheric conditions.