Steel bollards

Steel posts, painted in black, and with yellow stripes of great visibility  to both vehicles and pedestrians.
Metallic bollard for road protection and signaling. Ideal for: security, road signs, delimitation of spaces, access blocking, etc. 
Steel bollards keep your vehicles safe and secure and prevent unauthorised parking.
The base has 4 holes to fix the bollard to the ground by screws (screws not included).
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  • The steel bollards are used to protect groundwater, oil wells, sewers, research points, pipelines, fire-fighting centers, boundary points, hazards, fiber optics, CATV's and many others.
  • They can be used as pedestrian barricades for controlling access, for pedestrian separation. They can protect the path of pedestrians moving to or from parked vehicles.
  • They are used for forklift protection and for industrial and asset protection.
  • Perfect as protective device for work zones, sidewalks, intersections, on-street parking locations and loading zones.
  • Ideal product for school parking lots and crossings, hospitals, airports, rental facilities, public or private parking lots.
  • To prevent a small accident from causing a large disruption, steel parking bollards can be placed as a guard to meters and junction boxes. These posts are often required by utilities companies.
  • Bollard posts are a familiar sight around gas pumps, where many cars must maneuver in sometimes crowded lanes.
  • Well-placed bollards protect people without creating an impediment. Around playgrounds, along footpaths and sidewalks, and in front of buildings, they mark car-free spaces.
  • (only for the removable bollards): Easy to lock-unlock. Very friendly to the user. 


  • More economical solution than all competitive products.
  • Maximum 360-degree visibility, even at night, thanks to its yellow reflective tapes.
  • Steel Bollards are made of galvanised steel, which is strong and resistant against rust.
  • Simple to install: not requires skilled labor to install. It can be simply bolted to surface using predrilled holes.
  • It can be secured either into asphalt or into concrete.
  • Resistant to extreme temperature variations, UV light, oil and moisture.
  • Easy maintenance: not rusts, not chips, not cracks, not crumbles, not corrodes.
  • (only for the removable bollards): Τhe padlock can be changed at any time if the keys are lost. 
  • (only for the removable bollards): Any padlock from the market with the same cross section may be fitted. (eg in case you require more keys).
  • In dangerous locations, security bollards not only protect assets from cars, but also protect cars from external risk.