RSB-215MBY Speed Hump Black-Yellow Middle Part 50x35x5cm

RSB-215MBY Speed Hump Black-Yellow Middle Part 50x35x5cm

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  • It controls car speed maintaining a continuous traffic flow in public or private roads.
  • Ideal for school parking lots, playground areas, hospitals and public or private parking lots.
  • Fixing is simple in pre-drilled locations of the speed bumps with plugless concrete anchors (included in the package).
  • Rubber as a base material helps it in making better grip on the road.
  • Environment friendly, made of 100% recycled rubber from old car tires.
Speed bumps are made of solid recycled rubber and they are the most common solution to reduce the speed of cars in residential areas and pedestrian crossings. Every piece has a black and yellow part to attract the attention of drivers. Plugless concrete anchors 10.5mm x 110mm with hex washer head (ASIN B012GY4VNY) are included in the package for secure fixing of the speed bumps. Compatible with RSB-215EBY Speed Hump Pair Black and Yellow End Parts 25x35x5cm (ASIN B00H3EM2KC)